CleenService™ Absorbent Mats
Super Absorbent, Edge-Sealed

Our CleenService™ Mat combines superior, highly-absorbent textile materials into one flexible, edge-sealed mat, delivering the perfect service aid for M.R.O. of industrial equipment and motor vehicle servicing.

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Expertly Crafted

Absorbing petroleum-based products during equipment dismantling or vehicle servicing minimizes spills, ground contamination, and keeps the repair area clean.

Water runs out, but the fluids stay in.

Absorbent Felt Face

CleenService™ composite construction starts with an absorbent felt face, followed by recycled, highly absorbent, hydrophobic natural material.

Sealed Barrier

CleenService™ is finished with a tough barrier layer to contain all the fluids. All edges are sealed and keep your contaminants in the mat – even when handled.

40% More Absorbent

Perfect for industrial equipment MRO and motor vehicle servicing.

Available in standard sizes, rolls, or custom shapes and sizes

  • 12"×18"
  • 18"×24"
  • 29"×48"
  • 48"×58"
  • 58"×10'

PSA may also be added to the barrier side to hold the mat in place.

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