Basalt Sleeving

Basalt Sleeving

Made from continuous filament volcanic rock that delivers higher strength, chemical resistance, and higher melt temperature vs. fiberglass.

1200ºF / 650ºC

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Made from continuous filament volcanic rock fiber

Basalt VR1200 sleeving from McAllister Mills is produced from the purest quality basalt fibers available worldwide. With over 15 years in basalt textiles, McAllister Mills is the authority on basalt thermal and hash chemical environment applications. For critical high temperature wire protection in automotive to industrial hose protection, VR1200 delivers durability.

Service Temperature 1200ºF / 650ºC
Product Form Sleeving
Base Fiber Basalt
Product Line VR1200
Safety Data Sheets


Volcanic Rock Strong Chemical Resistant

From molten magma to premium textile constructions, basalt fibers have reached the quality and performance unlike any other fiber in its class. A distinctive look, strength, durability only such chemical composition of the earths basalt rock can deliver.