Alumina Tapes

Alumina Tapes

Strong and flexible, boron free fibers, great for extreme high temperatures

2300ºF / 1260ºC

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Continuous filament alumina fibers for extreme high temperatures

Made from continuous filament alumina fibers. Boron free, these fibers are for the most demanding applications for Extreme High Temperatures. Ideal for the harshest thermal environments where strength and flexibility must be maintained. Applications: semiconductor, petrochemical, glass, furnace & primary metal mfg.

Service Temperature 2300ºF / 1260ºC
Product Form Tapes
Base Fiber Alumina
Product Line EHT2300
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Highest Temperature Fibers

EHT2300 textiles are boron free, which means these textiles don't become brittle at maximum service temperature like competitive products.  EHT2300 is the value leader and gives longer life with exclusive use of high purity fibers.