Colorized Fiberglass Tapes

Colorized Fiberglass Tapes

High temperature performance, durability and protection, stronger than traditional acrylic, silicone and vermiculite

1200ºF / 650ºC

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Higher temperature durability and protection than traditional coatings

TC1200 meets the demand for a more advanced coating than traditional low temperature coatings such as acrylic and silicone, and also offers more functionality than vermiculite. TC1200 sets a new benchmark in high temperature performance, durability and protection.TC1200 resists mark-of, abrasion and loss of color at temperature unlike other surface coated products. Available in standard colors of black, blue, red, silver and yellow, the shade stays true to 1200°F. Applications: motor sports, military, hot metal fabrication, foundries, industrial processes and color-coding critical high temperature end uses.

Service Temperature 1200ºF / 650ºC
Product Form Tapes
Base Fiber Fiberglass
Product Line TC1200


Colored Textiles

From automotive aftermarket to industrial color coded applications, TC1200 offers a way to provide vivid colors to high temperature textiles.