MidSil Silica Tapes

MidSil Silica Tapes

Flexible, durable and resilient protection using the latest fiber technology with a medium level of silica

1350ºF / 740ºC

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Flexible, durable and resilient protection

The MidSil series of performance textiles uses the latest fiber technology with a medium level of silica for up to 1350ºF protection. Where fiberglass fabrics are just not enough, or where you are using vermiculite coated textiles, MidSil delivers true 1350ºF flexible protection whereas vermiculite fabrics become brittle and weak above 1000ºF. MidSil delivers flexibility, durability and a resiliency up to a continuous 1350ºF. Expect new styles and constructions in almost any textile form as the excitement and value grows across the marketplace.

Service Temperature 1350ºF / 740ºC
Product Form Tapes
Base Fiber Fiberglass, Silica
Product Line MidSil
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Medium Level Silica Fibers

Many applications require a cost effective way to service high temperature above 1000ºF, or the useful range of fiberglass. MidSil, exclusively from McAllister Mills offers a tough alternative with a 1350ºF service temperature. More durable in its operating range than leached glass silica textiles, MidSil now offers a superior alternative for applications from 900ºF to 1350ºF. MidSil textiles also offers fabrics with comingled wire for extra durability and dimensional stability.