High Temperature Insulation Solutions

A one-source solution for thermal products and custom fabrication for a wide range of industries and applications.


An Alternative to Silica Fiber Fabric - FLEXIBLE AND STRONG EVEN AT 1500F / 815C

ISOTEX® 1500 Fabrics from McAllister Mills are made from continuous filament, shot-free fibers with excellent chemical and heat resistance.  As a standard practice, our fabrics are heat treated to remove the majority of the finish from the original yarns, providing a low smoke product when brought to service temperature.  Heat resistant to 1500F / 815C continuous due to its fiber chemistry, ISOTEX® fabrics are 25% stronger than traditional e-glass fabrics and have up to a 30% lower thermal conductivity.  ISOTEX® delivers, adding flexibility when temperatures exceed 1000F / 550C.  ISOTEX® is an excellent choice when considering Silica Fiber materials but when the service temperatures are 1500F / 815C or below.


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McAllister Mills Thermal Composites

McAllister Mills is a global leader and your one-source solution in the manufacture of precision-engineered thermal fabrics, insulation blankets, and cut and sewn products for a wide range of industries and applications.

Our products are made right here in the USA, with our vertically integrated operation, allowing every manufacturing aspect to be under our skilled control.

As your dependable partner, we offer you a consistently high level of quality and performance, along with fast turnaround time, greater flexibility, and enhanced cost value.

Industrial insulation solutions experts.

Industrial Insulation Solutions

We provide solution support and in-house design expertise for your thermal energy management challenges. Backed by our manufacturing and finishing versatility, along with our technical skillsets, we serve as a "one-stop," time- and money-saving resource for our clients.

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tape weaving done in Virginia, USA

Thermal Textile Production in the USA

McAllister Mills has significant capabilities right here in Independence, Virginia, USA. From yarn manufacturing to weaving, coating, laminating capabilities, we provide a full array of manufacturing expertise. McAllister Mills weaves high-temperature tapes and fabrics from glass fiber, basalt fiber, silica fiber, alumina fiber and more. Manufacturing in the USA provides our customers with rapid response times as well as quality-focused products.

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40+ Years of Thermal Experience

It all begins with our superb technical sales team members, who serve as unrivaled solution providers for our clients. Our sales team works closely with our design and production team, which has amassed literally centuries of combined expertise and experience. This high level of professionalism, combined with our vertically integrated operation, ensures that the work process flows smoothly and efficiently.

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