Heat Shields

Heat Shields

Best-in-class heat shields for thermal performance and durability

We combine expert engineering and mixed media of high-temperature materials to deliver best-in-class heat shields for thermal performance and durability.

Metalized Heat Shields

Insulated Aluminum Heat Shields for up to 1800ºF protection

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For your application-specific needs

Our customers' specific, real-world applications directly influence our entire, vertically-integrated design and fabrication processes.

  • Product life-cycle expectations
  • Health and safety
  • Process demands
  • Ease of installation and ongoing maintenance

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OEM Laminated, Die-Cut Heat Shields
Under-Carriage Heat Shields
Microporous Insulation Exhaust Shield
Radiant Heat Shields / Fire Protection Pad
Radiant Heat Shields
Custom Fabricated Heat Shields
Fire Protection Sleeve

We'd love to discuss your company's thermal-related challenges and needs.


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