Product Lines

EHT2300 2300ºF / 1260ºC

Extreme temperature boron free textiles that maintain flexibility up to 2300ºF

  • Alumina

Maxsil® 2000ºF / 1100ºC

Dimensionally stable high quality silica mat fibers

  • Silica

Maxsil®Tex 2000ºF / 1100ºC

Highest temperature silica made from pure silica fibers, not from leached glass

  • Silica

Leached Silica 2000ºF / 1100ºC

  • Silica

TREO® 1800ºF / 990ºC

Bio-soluble, economical, vibration resistant insulation blanket

  • Rock

S-Glass 1400ºF / 760ºC

  • S-Glass

MidSil 1350ºF / 740ºC

When fiberglass textiles are not enough, tough MidSil textiles deliver.

  • Fiberglass
  • Silica

VR1200 1200ºF / 650ºC

Basalt fibers offer 25% stronger textiles, higher resistance to chemical attack than most any other high temperature fiber.

  • Basalt

TC1200 1200ºF / 650ºC

High temperature resistant coloring for textiles.

  • Fiberglass

Micropor™ 1200ºF / 650ºC

Microporous insulation that continues "performing to specification" after multiple heat cycles

  • Silica

Ricochet™ 1100ºF / 600ºC

Reflect the heat away with aluminum vapor depositied textiles.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass (E-Glass) 1000ºF / 540ºC

  • Fiberglass

Flamegard® 500ºF / 260ºC

Rubber-coated (silicone) braided fiberglass sleeving

  • Fiberglass

Aramid 400ºF / 210ºC

  • Aramid