It's about long-lasting design

It's not about how to fabricate it, it's about how to deliver long-lasting design.

Starting with your performance expectations, our commitment is that failure is not an option. We seek first to understand, then rapidly select and design from our own textile portfolio as well as from thermal materials available worldwide. As the authority on high temperature flexible materials, you can count on us to deliver more value than you first expect.

We don't just fabricate it. We understand it, we model it, we build it, and we show you how to install it, all with unrivaled speed and value.

Fabrication Services

We over-deliver on value at unrivaled speed

Starting with our Technical Sales Team, we provide solution support and in-house design expertise for your thermal energy management challenges. Backed by our manufacturing and finishing versatility, along with our technical skillsets, we serve as a "one stop," time- and money-saving resource for our clients.

So whether you need a ready-made product from our catalog or a custom-made solution from our design and engineering team, our capabilities have you covered.

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Custom Insulation Jackets

Precision fit means premium performance.

Our removable cover systems are designed to the shape and contour of your equipment. Excessive thermal energy losses are avoided with our 3-D cover designs that produce a tailored fit without gaps and hot spots.

Steam Trap Covers
Microporous Insulation Jacket
Microporous Removable Cover
2 1/2"- 150# Control Valve Jacket
Control Valve Jackets
Fabricated Closure
Cryogenic Heat Exchanger
Removable Jacket
Removable Jackets
Custom Tank Cover
Electric Blanket
Fabricated Pillow
Gas Turbine

Tadpoles, Gaskets & Seals

Industrial sealing solutions for nearly any high-temperature application

Decades of experience deliver industrial sealing solutions for almost any high temperature application. From abrasion to chemical attack, let our years of experience and in-house custom textiles produce and deliver the best solution for your application.

Door Seal
Silica Tadpole Tape
Tadpole Tape with Rope Core
Midsil Tadpole Tape with Mesh Core

Curtains, Screens & Expansion Joints

We manage the heat.

From process to oven curtains to personnel protection, we manage the heat.

High-Pressure Steel Thread Closures
Cylindrical Exhaust Bellow
Personnel Protection Screen
Ballistic Nylon Expansion Joint
Ballistic Nylon Expansion Joint

Heat Shields & Exhaust Systems

Best-in-class performamce and durability

Combining mixed media of high temperature materials delivers best-in-class heat shields for thermal performance and durability.

OEM Exhaust Jacket
Microporous Insulation Exhaust Shield
High-Pressure Exhaust Bellow
Auto Aftermarket Turbo
Marine OEM Turbo
Die-Cut Heat Shields
Heat Shields
Fabrication Pad
Heat Shields
Heat Shields
Fire Protection Sleeve
Fire Protection Pad

Heat Trace Blankets

For nearly any industrial piping, pump, or storage vessel

While many fabricators produce only passive thermal insulation jackets, we take it to the next level with active heat trace cable enabled removable covers. From freeze protection to start-up and process control, we can maintain desired temperature set-points for nearly any industrial piping, pump, or storage vessel.

Microporous Heat Trace Blanket
Metal-Shielded Microporous Blanket
Electric Blanket
Heat Tubing Blanket, Electric Connection
Heat Trace Cable
Fuel Storage Vessel Electrically Heated Blanket
Electric Heated Fluid Pump
Electric Blanket

Fasteners & Attaching Systems

Your blanket is only as good as its installation system.

We select from a broad array of attachment and install hardware to survive the installation environment. Custom designed and fabricated installation hardware is common place in what we do to give you the best solution.

Aftermarket Auto Hardware
Fabricated Hardware
Fabrication Pillow
Insulation Pad Hardware
Tube Seal Jacket
Composite Belt
Pump Cover Hardware
Fabricated Closure
Spring Closure Systems
Spring Closure Systems

We'd love to discuss your company's thermal-related challenges and needs.


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