Fiberglass Fabrics

Fiberglass Fabrics

Fiberglass fabrics made with air bulked yarns to deliver maximum thermal protection for general industrial applications

1000ºF / 540ºC

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Fiberglass fabrics with high cover factor and strength for general industrial applications.

The full line of fiberglass fabrics available in weights and contructions for most any high termperature application.  From welding cloth to fabricated parts, fiberglass fabrics serve as the go-to material for industrial heat protection.  A full range of thicknesses and excellent cover factor deliver high fiberglass fabric performance. 

Service Temperature 1000ºF / 540ºC
Product Form Fabrics
Base Fiber Fiberglass
Product Line Fiberglass (E-Glass)

Fiberglass (E-Glass)

Industry standard fiberglass textiles