Maxsil®Tex Silica Fabrics

Maxsil®Tex Silica Fabrics

Manufactured from continuous filament amorphous silica yarns, air bulked, heat-treated, with a proprietary abrasion resistant finish

2000ºF / 1100ºC

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A durable, high-temperature silica fabric

One of the most durable high temperature fabrics on the market today. Fabrics are manufactured from continuous filament amorphous silica yarns then air bulked to add volume and a proprietary abrasion resistant finish added. Fabrics are Heat Treated. Applications include Expansion Joints, Heat Shields, Insulation Pads, Oven/Furnace Door Seals, Furnace Curtains, etc. This product is not manufactured from leached fiberglass fabric.

Service Temperature 2000ºF / 1100ºC
Product Form Fabrics
Base Fiber Silica
Product Line Maxsil®Tex


High Purity Silica Fibers

Maxsil®Tex textiles deliver the highest level of temperature performance. Not a leached glass textile, Maxsil-Tex products are made from high purity silica fibers. Maxsil-Tex fibers have virtually no shrinkage, so no property degrading fabric pre-shrinking after treatment of the textiles is required to maintain dimensional stability. Maxsil-Tex fibers elevate temperature resistance above leached glass and maintain dimensional stability and flexibility at maximum service temperature.