MidSil Fabrics

MidSil Fabrics

High performance, high temperature fabric made with a medium level of silica

1350ºF / 740ºC

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Mid temperature silica fabric

Utilizing the latest fiber technology with a medium level of silica for up to 1350ºF protection. MidSil technology is not a leached glass product, or a coated fabric, but a new high performance, high temperature fiber, exclusively from McAllister Mills.

Service Temperature 1350ºF / 740ºC
Product Form Fabrics
Base Fiber Fiberglass, Silica
Product Line MidSil
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Medium Level Silica Fibers

Many applications require a cost effective way to service high temperature above 1000ºF, or the useful range of fiberglass. MidSil, exclusively from McAllister Mills offers a tough alternative with a 1350ºF service temperature. More durable in its operating range than leached glass silica textiles, MidSil now offers a superior alternative for applications from 900ºF to 1350ºF. MidSil textiles also offers fabrics with comingled wire for extra durability and dimensional stability.