Maxsil® Silica Blanket

Maxsil® Silica Blanket

High purity fibers delivers the benchmark in silica blanket mat

2000ºF / 1100ºC

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The original shot-free needled amorphous silica insulation blanket

Maxsil silica blanket sets the benchmark in stable, high performance shot free insulation mat.  With minimal shrinkage at service temperature, and uniform density, Maxsil delivers best in class insulation performance.

Service Temperature 2000ºF / 1100ºC
Product Form Needled Blankets
Base Fiber Silica
Product Line Maxsil®


High Purity Silica Mat Fibers

Maxsil® silica blanket delivers the highest level of thermal. Pure, dimensionally stable Maxsil® fibers are uniform, low shrink and shot free to produce the highest quality silica mat available. When the harshest environments are in play, Maxsil® silica mat resists vibration for longer durability than mats with shot content. Excellent compression recovery and resistance, Maxsil® silica mat delivers time tested longevity.