Maxsil®Tex Silica Square-Braided Ropes

Maxsil®Tex Silica Square-Braided Ropes

Flexible and strong square-braided silica rope

2000ºF / 1100ºC

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Square-braided silica rope

Manufactured from air blown silica yarns and square braided into a dense rope for continuous service to 2000ºF. Product is more flexible and stronger than typical leached silica square braided rope.

Service Temperature 2000ºF / 1100ºC
Product Form Ropes
Base Fiber Silica
Product Line Maxsil®Tex


High Purity Silica Fibers

Maxsil®Tex textiles deliver the highest level of temperature performance. Not a leached glass textile, Maxsil-Tex products are made from high purity silica fibers. Maxsil-Tex fibers have virtually no shrinkage, so no property degrading fabric pre-shrinking after treatment of the textiles is required to maintain dimensional stability. Maxsil-Tex fibers elevate temperature resistance above leached glass and maintain dimensional stability and flexibility at maximum service temperature.